Summary Of Cover

Product Contamination Plus Summary of Cover:

The following are the Insured Events under this Policy:

(a) actual Accidental Product Contamination;
(b) Malicious Product Tampering;
(c) Product Extortion Demand;
(d) Government Recall;
(e) Adverse Publicity;
(f) Customer Loss of Profit.

For Losses Incurred within 12 months for:

(a) Pre-Recall Costs; and
(b) Recall Costs; and
(c) Retained Consultants; and
(d) The Increased Cost of Working; and
(e) Rehabilitation Costs; and
(f) Incident Response Costs; and
(g) Loss of Gross Income or Customer Loss of Profit.

Optional Extensions to Cover Include:

• Government Warning Withdrawal extension of cover;
• Third Party Product Recall Liability extension of cover; and
• acts of terrorism as defined under the Terrorist Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) extension of cover.

Pre-Recall Costs include:

• costs and expenses prior to a recall;
• costs and fees of experts and advisors;
• costs to ascertain, identify or examine Accidental Product Contamination or Malicious Product Tampering.

Recall Costs include:

• expenses of recall, withdrawal, or modification on-site of Insured Products;
• costs of a customer recalling the Insured Products on behalf of the Insured including components or ingredients of the customer's own products
• rent or hire of additional warehouse storage;
• costs of examining, disposing, reworking or destroying the Insured Products;
• the value of any recalled or destroyed Contaminated Products, including the value of packaging materials that cannot be reused;
• costs of redistributing the Insured Products;
• communications and media announcements;
• public relations consultants hired in relation to such communications and announcements;
• transportation costs from any purchaser or customer, to a destination designated by the Insured;
• employee overtime to recall Insured Products and additional costs;
• out of pocket expenses of employees;
• costs relating to cancellation of promotional advertising retail shelf slotting fees.

Retained Consultants Costs include:

• all fees and expenses of specialist response, crisis, recall and public relations consultants.

Increased Cost of Working Costs include:

expenses to clean or repair the location or property affected including:
• cleaning and/or repairing machinery, distribution vehicles and the location affected;
• the extra expense of maintaining a minimum workforce;
• the increased cost of subcontracting to another manufacturer or distributor during the restoration of facilities, property, or operations.

Rehabilitation Costs include:

• costs to re-establish the brand-name or reputation of the Insured Products to the projected level of sales or market share level prior to the contamination

Incident Response Costs include:

• other additional costs including additional personnel, other than the employees and consultants in responding to the consequences of an Insured Event following its discovery.

Loss of Gross Income or Customer Loss of Profit includes:

• the reduction in the Insured's or the Customer’s sales income caused by any Insured Event.


Griffin Underwriting Ltd is reinsured 100% with certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London and is registered in Guernsey under Registration No. 42359 and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

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