Product Recall & Product Tamper

Product Contamination Plus

General Overview

While the cost or financial impact of product recalls is not specifically quantifiable, what is important to consider is that a single recall event can ruin the smallest of business enterprises to the largest of multinational conglomerates. Furthermore, recall incidents and/or contamination outbreaks have almost tripled since 1999. The tremendous expansion of the global supply chain and the increased regulatory involvement of entities such as the (US) FDA and Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) are considered key factors in the increase of such occurrences.

Target classes Include:

• Food, Drink, Health, Restaurant, Tobacco.
• Specific Targets include processors and distributors of meats, fruit, produce, dairy products, baked goods, and confectionary Items.

Rating Considerations include:

• Nature of the operations and product;
• Company Experience in the marketplace;
• Sales volume of the company;
• Quality Control Framework and Adherence to Best Operating Practices & Standards;
• Prior Incident and Loss Experience.

A recall/contamination policy serves to cover a wide range of expenses, which are detailed in our Summary of Cover page.


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