Corporate Plus Summary of Cover

Insured Events


Kidnap means the illegal taking, in the Territory specified in item 4 of the schedule, and holding captive of one or more Insured Persons by persons who then demand specifically from assets of the Assured or an Insured Person a Ransom as a condition of the release of such captive(s).


Extortion means the making of illegal threats either specifically to the Assured or to an Insured Person to:

1. Kill, injure or abduct an Insured Person(s);
2. Damage property;
3. Disseminate, divulge or use Trade Secrets; or
4. Introduce a Computer Virus designed to damage, destroy or corrupt the Assured’s computerized data,

by persons who then demand a Ransom as a condition of not carrying out such threats.


Detention means the holding under duress of an Insured Person, or any Covered Person resident with the Insured Person, for whatever reason and whether by authorities legally constituted in the place of custody or by others. With respect to salary payments only, Underwriters’ liability shall be for a period of 60 months or until 30 days after the date on which the detention ceases, whichever occurs first.


Hijack means the illegal holding under duress for a period in excess of six hours of a Covered Person whilst travelling on an aeroplane, vehicle or watercraft.

Insured Losses

Unless otherwise specified below, all Insured Losses are covered up to the full policy limit but subject to the overall policy aggregate


Ransom means cash and/or marketable goods or services surrendered or to be surrendered by or on behalf of the Assured or Covered Person(s) to meet a Kidnap or Extortion demand.

Amount covered: Full policy limit per event

Ransom surrendered or lost in transit:

The loss in transit of a Ransom by actual destruction, disappearance or wrongful abstraction while being conveyed by the order of such persons as have demanded it by any person who is duly authorised to do so by the Assured or a Covered Person.

Amount covered: Full policy limit per event

Response Consultants:

Response Consultants fees & expenses

Amount covered: Unlimited

Additional expenses:

  • Fees and expenses of an independent public relations consultant or an interpreter
  • Medical, hospital and surgical expenses, including psychiatric care
  • Independent Legal advice incurred during negotiations
  • Reward monies paid to informants
  • Personal Financial Loss Cover*
  • Costs incurred for employees designated to an Insured Event.
  • Any necessary correctional cosmetic or plastic surgery costs
  • Interest on loans taken out to pay the Ransom
  • Local security expenses if required
  • Communication and recording equipment costs
  • Advertising costs
  • Forensic Analysis required
  • All other reasonable expenses incurred with the consent of the Underwriters
  • Legal Liability

Amount covered: Full policy limit per event

* Personal Financial Loss Cover includes:
1. 100% of the victim's gross salary including: bonuses, commissions, cost of living adjustments, foreign tax reimbursements, pension or welfare contributions and allowances.
2. Payment (including bonuses and allowances) of a temporary replacement for the duration of the insured event and 30 days thereafter.

Rest and Rehabilitation expenses:

Rest and rehabilitation expenses or both for the victim and his/her immediate family

Amount covered: USD 12,000 per insured event and in the aggregate

Personal Accident:

Personal Accident which means the Loss of Limb, Loss of Sight, Loss of Extremity, Permanent Total Disablement or Death sustained by the Covered Person(s) as the result of an Injury provided that such Injury causes his or her death or disablement within twelve calendar months from the date of the incident.

Amount covered: USD 250,000 per Covered Person and USD 1,250,000 in the annual aggregate


Griffin Underwriting Ltd is reinsured 100% with certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London and is registered in Guernsey under Registration No. 42359 and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

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