About Us

Griffin Underwriting was founded by Jeff Green and Imogen Lyndon Skeggs, market leaders and two of the most experienced specialists in the field of Kidnap Insurance. Together, they have been actively involved with Kidnap and Ransom Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance for over 50 years.

Jeff began working as a Lloyd’s Broker in 1979, focusing on Kidnap business shortly thereafter. In 1989 he founded ASM (later becoming part of Aon) and served as Chairman until leaving to develop Griffin Underwriting.

Imogen has served as a leading Lloyd’s Underwriter and Syndicate Deputy Underwriter, where she wrote these classes of business for 24 years. She has personally underwritten many of the largest Kidnap and Disability accounts placed in the London market. Imogen also left Lloyd’s to develop Griffin.

The way that Griffin is structured, licenced as an insurer and not as an intermediary or broker, means that the quality of service our clients receive is excellent and the pricing of our products is competitive.

Regulation & Control

Griffin Underwriting Ltd is registered in Guernsey and approved and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), who supervise all Insurance and Financial business in Guernsey.

The Commission's general duty to protect and enhance Guernsey's reputation as a financial centre is reflected in its approach to supervision. The Commission's supervisory approach has two aspects - prospective and retrospective. The prospective element consists of examining the solvency provision, the business plan and being aware of any material changes to the plan prior to the event. The retrospective element consists of the on-site visit programme, the examination of the annual return and audited accounts.

There is a policy of selectivity from the GFSC which means that the fitness and propriety of the intended shareholders, directors, officers, insurance managers and/or general representatives is of paramount importance.

The Commission is in regular contact with the insurance managers and general representatives who represent the licensees. This ensures that the management of Griffin Underwriting and the business we write are continuously acceptable and in accordance with the standards and policies of the Commission.

Griffin Underwriting Ltd are supervised through their independent insurance managers Alternative Risk Management Ltd (ARM). ARM are required to demonstrate their own favourable track record in their management practices and compliance with the relevant Laws, Regulations, Codes and Rules with the result that the standards they require of Griffin are high.

All licensees are subject to regular on-site visits by the Commission to ensure that compliance and corporate governance are maintained.


The Company is obliged to comply with the Solvency requirements of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and ensure that the minimum solvency requirements are adequate at all times. There are two tests that must be maintained: the PCR (Prescribed Capital Requirement) and the MCR (Minimum Capital Requirement).

At 30th April 2024 Griffin Underwriting Limited's Solvency Reserves were:

PCR Ratio 585.4% adequate
MCR Ratio 2,051.1.0% adequate

Solvency ratios deemed strong as a result.


Griffin Underwriting Ltd is reinsured 100% with certain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London and is registered in Guernsey under Registration No. 42359 and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

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